Gabriella, Personal Trainer in Geneva

Personal trainer GenèveI have always been passionate about health. I became a nurse in intensive care in my home country, Hungary. Quickly, I wanted to combine my experience in the medical field with sports and therefore undertook my studies in Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Sport in Cologne, Germany where I got my degree in 2002.

Sports has always had an important place in my life. I started Triathlon at age of 20. This Olympic sport allowed me to live my passion for swimming, running and cycling. Triathlon taught me to fight, to hang on and allows me up to this day to let off steam. It also had a direct impact on my personal life as I became more persistent and conscious. I share now and transmit this passion with other athletes as a swimming coach for the Triathlon Club of Geneva.

As a personal trainer, I help people who have chosen me to regain their balance and give them (or give back) a taste for physical activity. Aiming for the best results, I continue to search for new tools and programs to improve health. Being a nature lover, I propose many outdoor activities - forest, park, mountain, sports field, Lake Geneva – for optimal oxygenation of the body and mind. The balance also comes from a healthy diet and nutrition as it is an essential component in supporting my clients whatever their goals may be.

Studies and certifications

2009 - FISAF Performance Trainer Certification
2008 - FISAF Personal Trainer Certification
2008 - Certification FISAF Fitness Trainer Certification
2008 - Jeunesse et Sport - Triathlon Certification, Tenero / Swiss   
2002 - German Sport University - degree in Prévention and Réhabilitation / Cologne 

I coach in

  • French
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Magyar


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