My approach to personal training

I firmly believe that everyone deserves, and is capable of, achieving their goals, whatever they may be. I also believe in the multiple and subtle roles of sport, which is not only a physical activity. Sport brings rigor, consistency and works on weaknesses that are the major challenges in our daily lives. Physical activity reduces fears, negative thoughts and refines our vision. Self-confidence consolidates and gives strength to succeed.

Changing our bad habits - that big step often so difficult to take – affects our lives directly. To change these, force has never helped me. With my experience, I can help you to adapt new habits that will benefit you for life. Our psychological and physical conditions as well as our social and emotional lives are crucial for us. This holistic ensemble impacts our health, well-being, happiness, success and long life. They are all interconnected. Take it seriously and decide to change!

I offer complete and tailored training including muscle strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Mental training and motivation are the tools I use to get a deep and lasting result. Involving mental work in all we do will help you to give the best of yourself and eventually become independent in your work.

The proposed steps:
Here are the steps that will allow you to progress rapidly:

1. You will (or will together) accurately determine your goals and make a point about your expectations and needs.
2. We will measure your current fitness level (strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance) and analyze your posture.
    Based on the results, I establish a program tailored to your needs.
3. The program starts, with regular monitoring of your progress


The advantages:
- increased motivation
- achieve your personal goals
- more effective workout
- achieve rapidly the desired results
- reduced risk of injury

Example of a personal training session (1 hour):

Each session is different and varies depending on your goals, location and fitness level. It is fully customized and diversified, but the general framework of a session is:

The warm-up (5-10 min)

It aims to gradually prepare your body and your brain to the planned effort and to avoid injury. It includes a cardiovascular, muscular, osteoarticular and neuromuscular warm ups.

The main part (40 to 45 min)

During this part we work through your goals with targeted exercises.

The cool down and stretching (10-15 min)

To evacuate the physical stress induced by the effort and allow your body to calm down.  This will allow:
- to recover more quickly
- to carry out the morphological, biochemical and functional modifications
- to prepare the body for the next session in the best conditions

I accompany you in your challenge at your rhythm and within your physical condition and ability. Your willpower and my knowledge is the key to your success and you will soon be able to measure yourself the progress you have made and its impact on your daily life.

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